Church Street, a main street in Downtown Orlando, dates back to the 1800s. The architectural influence from the Victorian era is evident as you stroll down the street and true to the name, there are in fact a number of churches on and around Church Street.

Say a Little Prayer For Me.
Taking up a full block of Downtown, you can’t miss First Presbyterian Church of Orlandowhich has been in the City Beautiful for over 135 years. The church offers two unique worship services and even has utilizes Facebook live for those that don’t feel like putting on their Sunday best. Just across the street, First United Methodist also has long history in Downtown. Founded in 1882 in Orlando, their sanctuary is listed on the “Tour of Orlando” for its unique architecture and meaning-filled stained glass.

Moving off Church Street there is Trinity Lutheran, H2O Church, St. George Orthodox, Cathedral of St. Luke, St. James Catholic, and many more centers for every faith and creed.